Asbestos cement sewers

19.01.2022 11:15
Asbestos cement sewers

Asbestos cement sewers contain Asbestos cement pipes which are manufactured by using the combination of cement and asbestos fiber as the raw material which is combined under high pressure inside a dense homogenous structure where a strong bind gets effected between the asbestos fiber and the cement.

These types of pipes are designed and manufactured with their internal diameters varying within a range from 50 mm to 900 mm. The asbestos cement pipes are available of different lengths varying from 1.5m to 4m. The Indian Standard IS: 1592-1989 gives the detailed features and specifications of the asbestos cement pressure pipes. These sewers are one of the best for sewer and water service. For the treatment of these sewers, drain and pipe cleaner Denver and Denver sewer line repair could be done to repair the sewer.

These pipes have plain ends at both of their ends to easily join the end of two pipes. A special type of coupling or joint is used to join the ends of two different pipes, and this special joint or coupling is known as slip type sleeve joint. Slip-type sleeve joint have different trade names which are commonly used for the trading of these joint, these common names are Ring-title coupling or Simplex joint.

Advantages of Asbestos cement sewers:

  • The asbestos cement sewers have a natural tendency to resist corrosion in most natural soils. They also have the property to resist acids, salts, and other corrosive materials.
  • The inside layer of the asbestos cement sewers are extremely smooth which results in the least resistance and smooth flow of sewage.
  • The materials from which these sewers are made are light in weight and therefore they are easy to handle.
  • These sewers can be easily drilled, cut, and threaded.
  • The joining of these sewers is very easy that too without skilled labor.
  • The mechanical joints are highly flexible for those pipes, which permits a deflection of over 12° when laid around curves.
  • The cost of these sewers is relatively cheap than other sewers.
  • Disadvantages of Asbestos cement sewers:

  • These type of sewers are not capable enough to resist heavy external loads and it gets easily broken.
  • These sewers are brittle in nature and they cannot bear impact forces during handling operations.
  • These sewers could be corrosion by acids, by highly acidic and highly septic or high sulfate soils.
  • Sometimes these sewers get eroded because of the high velocity of sewage containing grit, sand, etc.
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